Bigg Boss S4 is approaching its final week and it has been nothing short of drama as Balaji continuosly clash with Aari at different occasions.

In the recent episode, Bigg Boss gave the last 'Ticket to Finale' task for the contestants. They were supposed to hold a rope tied to the top center with two hands and the last-standing contestant will win the task.

Balaji accidentally took one of his hands just a few seconds after the task began. Aari pointed out Balaji's mistake but he was not ready to admit it.

"I did it without understanding the rules of the task. It was not even one minute," Balaji argued.

The incident erupted into a fight, and Aari also accidentally removed one of his hands during the argument with Balaji. Now, only Shivani and Ramya are still holding the ropes in an attempt to win in the final task.

Hearing Balaji's side of the argument, netizens shared a short clip where Rio Raj clearly explains the main rule of the game before it starts, which is to hold the rope with two hands.

However, despite hearing it from Rio, Balaji removed his hand and continued to argue that he didn't understand the rules. Take a look at the 'kurumpadam' here:

Source: Twitter
Photo Credit: Vijay TV