The Bigg Boss Tamil S4, one of the most talked-about reality shows at the moment, just completed its first week. As the weeks pass, contestants are slowly revealing their real faces and are engaging in arguments with each other.

Balaji Murugadoss first caught everyone's attention when he shared details about his abusive childhood. His parents were alcoholics and never bothered to attend any of his school functions or even when he won in the Mister International and bodybuilding competitions.

In the initial episodes, Balaji explained how his alcoholic father used to physically abuse him. His mother who used to stay in Malaysia also turned alcoholic when she returned home with his aunt. When he bagged the Rubaru Mister International India 2018 title, Balaji claimed that only four people welcomed him, and his parents didn't even acknowledge the victory.

However, in a recent episode, Balaji recounts a completely new story. When he reached home with the title, a big crowd welcomed him back home with traditional musicians playing folk songs on Indian drums. His mother performed 'aarthi' and applied 'tikka' on his forehead.

Netizens are left astonished at the contradictory stories that came out of Balaji regarding the same incident. Which is the truth? Perhaps, his fellow contestants Ari is right about Balaji being a liar.

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Source: Indiaglitz
Photo Credit: Pinkvilla, Times of India & Thandora Times