Balaji Murugadoss is a model and Rubaru International Mr India 2018 winner who's currently become the talk of the town after taking part in the Bigg Boss S4 reality show.

Over the week, he has been involved in outrageous confrontations with another contestant Aari. It all started when the best and worst performer discussion began.
During the Freeze Task, many of the contestants' family members and friends praised Aari. These incidents further incited Balaji's anger as he realised that Aari might have a huge fan base outside the show.

In a recent promo, it can be seen that Balaji is slowly getting into violent fights with Aari and even threatened him. Many netizens are urging Bigg Boss to give a 'Red Card' to Balji for crossing limits with not only Aari but also with Sanam at many occasions previously.

If Balaji gets a red card, he will automatically be eliminated from the show. What do you think? Let us know in the comments...

Source: Vijay TV