Bigg Boss S3 freeze task is on-going this week.

The task started with Mugen's mom and sister visiting the house, followed by Losliya, Tharshan and Vanitha's family.

As for Cheran, his mom, wife and second daughter entered the house to visit him.

It is well known that Cheran has developed a close bond with Losliya who calls him dad the entire time in the show.

Some of the contestants even felt like both Cheran and Losliya's dad look alike.

Now, Cheran's real daughter entered the house and advised her dad that he shouldn't trust Losliya and that she can't replace his real daughters.

"You don't have to take extra care of Losliya. My friends have started questioning if you have forgotten me," she asked the director.

She further revealed how Losliya failed to stand by Cheran's side during important times, and that the loyalty in the father-daughter bonding is just one-sided.

At the same time, in a recent interview, actress Chitra also claimed that Losliya is just taking advantage of Cheran so that she can get an easy opportunity in cinema. Check out her interview here:

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Image credit: Vijay TV