Bigg Boss S3 is nearing its finale now and the contestants are given the highly anticipated 'ticket to finale' task.

In midst of everything that's happening in the Bigg Boss house, director cum actor Parthiepan revealed several details about director Cheran which is not known to the public.

"Cheran is a very dedicated director, but he's very selfish at the same time and would easily hurt other people's feelings," said the director.

He recalls the time when Cheran was giving a speech on the stage after watching a movie which failed to impress many and says that they have taken a movie as bad as Parthiepan's movie.

"Even though Cheran stay true to his work, he is not someone who values other people's opinion," says Parthiepan.

Here's what Parthiepan has to say about his upcoming 'Otta Seruppu' movie and Cheran's participation in Bigg Boss S3:

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Photo Credit: YouTube & Indiaglitz