The latest Bigg Boss episode shows a huge fight between Aari and Balaji, with the housemates teaming up with Balaji against Aari.

The promo of the episode shows Balaji losing his temper against Aari for speaking about Shivani, throws a pillow to the ground in anger, and Shivani trying to control him.

Instead of finding out the truth, the housemates immediately blames Aari without giving him a chance to explain.

However, in the episode, it became clear that it was Bala who originally started talking about Shivani when the housemates were not around and later got furious when Aari addressed the same issue.

After watching the episode, netizens pointed out that it was Bala's fault and that the situation looked fabricated to make the rest go against Aari.

In the show, Kamal pointed out that the contestants should focus on playing their game better than the rest, instead of trying to pull others down.

Kamal also questioned Balaji and Shivani about their discussion regarding Aari, in which Bala said he will not be happy if Aari wins the title.