Vanitha's recent entry into the Bigg Boss S3 house has caused contestants to split into two groups, with Sandy, Mugen, Kavin, Tharshan and Losliya formed a close bonding with each other.

Sherin, however, stayed neutral and got along quite well with both teams.

In the midst of all the chaos in the house, Sandy's wife Dorathy Sylvia sent their group custom-made t-shirts, for them to dress alike.

While the group was happy to receive the t-shirts, Sherin was hurt and was seen complaining that she didn't receive a t-shirt despite spending ample time with them.

Following that, many contacted Sandy's wife requesting she send Sherin a t-shirt. And that's when Sandy's wife confessed she did send a t-shirt for Sherin, but the Bigg Boss team decided not to give Sherin her t-shirt.

Looks like the Bigg Boss team purposely did this to create more controversies in the Bigg Boss house. Check out Dorathy's Instagram conversation with one of the fans:

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Source: Manithan
Image credit: Kavin Fan Off