Ever since Sandy's entry into Bigg Boss 3, his ex-wife Kajal, who was a Bigg Boss contestant in Season 1, has been giving out interviews and posting tweets in support of him. They met in the first season of Maanada Mayilada and eventually got married in 2008.

However, Kajal's possessiveness took a toll on the marriage and they got divorced several years later. Now, Sandy is married with a child and Kajal is in good terms with Sandy and his family.

Kajal's show of love and support for Sandy has been met with some criticism from netizens. Many reminded her that Sandy has a new life and her online display of affection might cause jealousy or hurt his wife.

In response to one of the tweets questioning her, Kajal replied that she's in good term with Sandy's wife and she won't misunderstand her care for the dance master. Take a look:

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Photo Credit: Indiaglitz & Bigg Boss Vote Poll