Bigg Boss Kasthuri is an actress who's been in the entertainment industry for decades. Upon marriage, the actress stayed away from the cinema and moved to the United States of America with her family.

However, the actress was very vocal on social media and came into the limelight once again after taking part in Bigg Boss S3 as a wildcard contestant.

Recently, the actress voiced up against sexual harassment on social media and shared screenshots with the hashtag #DirtyAjithFans. It is believed that several Ajith fans made inappropriate tweets and tagged Kasthuri on their post.

Thus, Kasthury voiced up and asked them not to spoil Ajith's name by claiming to be his fans. But her #DirtyAjithFans hashtag was not well received by other Ajith fans, and in return, they made the #DirtyKasthuriAunty hashtag trending.

Some say that the actress shouldn't have stereotyped and blame the entire Ajith fan base for the actions of certain people. And now Kasthuri has posted another tweet about collective bullying.

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