Kavin and Losliya's relationship was probably one of the most talked-about issues of Bigg Boss 3. After Losliya's family visited the Bigg Boss house for the 'Freeze Task', Kavin has maintained his distance with her. Respecting their feelings, Losliya has also started focusing on winning the game.

However, every now and then, Kavin shows his care and possessiveness over her during the tasks. He's even willing to burn bridges with his only loyal friend in the house, Sandy.

In the latest promo, Kavin is shown scolding Sandy for playing rough with Losliya and making her fall. Even after Sandy seeks an apology, Kavin is not ready to let it go. Here's the promo:

Despite Kavin's shortcoming in the show, Sandy has always stayed by Kavin and supported him at his lowest points. Over the last few weeks, Kavin has been fighting with Sandy because of Losliya and this hasn't gone well with the netizens since Kavin has always maintained that friendship comes before anything in his life.

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Source: Vijay TV
Photo Credit: Galatta, Behindwoods & Tamil News