The Bigg Boss reality show, which was going rather dull for the past few weeks, has gained attention again following the re-entry of some eliminated contestants.

Even though the contestants - Sakhi, Abhirami and Mohan Vaidya - didn't return as wildcard entry like Vanitha Vijayakumar, yet they will stay in the house for several days, which might create controversies.

Before the old contestants paid a visit, some of the contestants were already involved in heated arguments regarding the open nomination, where Kavin nominated Sherin and Cheran, citing their fame as a reason.

Following that, Vanitha ended up arguing with Kavin, saying that his reasons were unacceptable, to which Sherin and Cheran nodded in agreement.

Kavin further claimed that Mugen, Tharshan and Losliya should win the title since its a once in a lifetime opportunity for them, and the others should let them win the title.

Is Kavin trying to play safe by eliminating the strongest participants from the show, so that he would have a better shot in the finals? Is he genuine when he mentioned that he wants either one of the three to win?

Kavin's action, however, proves otherwise when he didn't make any attempt to leave the show. He still wants to be around, and be in the running to become the title winner, when he mentioned that they should win the game.

And if he wants the successful people to be out of the show, then why didn't he nominate Sandy who is a famous and successful choreographer?

He particularly targeted Cheran and Sherin who took interest and stood against him in the Sakshi-Kavin-Losliya relationship. So is Kavin pretending to support Mugen, Tharshan, and Losliya, so that he could eliminate those he dislikes?

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Image Credit: Vijay TV