This week in the Bigg Boss S3 freeze task, Kavin's close friend Pradeep entered the house and did the unexpected.

Yes, the actor gave worthy advises to Kavin and slapped him in the end, by asking him to return the slap on the Bigg Boss S3 stage once he wins the title.

Before slapping the contestant who was instructed to freeze by Bigg Boss, Pradeep listed the reasons behind his slap saying that Kavin's lousy strategy and untrustworthy behaviour caused him to hurt him that way.

But in an interview after the show, Pradeep revealed that the main reason behind the slap is because Kavin's mother is already in jail and suffering at the moment, and now she's getting even more ill name because of Kavin's action in the house.

He added that Kavin's mom is a very nice person and the slap is necessary for Kavin to step-up his game. Following the slap, Kavin has gotten more famous and has gained more followers.

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Image credit: NakkheranStudio