There are so many issues going on in the Bigg Boss S3 reality show right now, and one of the main highlights is none Kavin and Losliya's relationship.

While some find the relationship sweet and adorable, some find it unpleasant and cunning. Yes, and the reason behind it is former contestant Sakshi.

Sakshi, who was voted out of the house several weeks back, was the first one to form a close bond with Kavin. However, things turned sour once Kavin started getting close to Losliya and ignoring Sakshi.

Sakshi, who could not handle the rejection, started behaving badly which led to her elimination.

But if we recall the incidents that took place, does it appear that Losliya was the mastermind behind their split?

Losliya, who was aware of everything between Kavin and Sakshi, ended up getting close with Kavin. They even started holding hands in the presence of Sakshi - causing Sakshi to react badly.

Kavin started playing the victim after some time, with the support of Losliya, who has a big fan following. Even then, Losliya claimed to merely be friends with Kavin, and that it was Sakshi who was spreading rumours about them.

Both Losliya and Kavin nominated Skashi in the elimination, citing her bad behaviour as a reason. But did they nominate Sakshi for that reason, or was it because they felt they couldn't take their relationship to the next level in her presence? So was Losliya being dishonest the entire time?

Now in the recent episodes, we can see that Kavin and Losliya are obviously in love; she even mentioned to Cheran that they will decide their relationship once they are out of the show.

But after Sakshi, Cheran is the one who's now the hurdle in their relationship. Cheran, who treats Losliya like a daughter, warned them many times about their behaviour in the house. It's obvious he wants to protect Losliya from Kavin, who broke Skashi's heart.

But Losliya, who had been showering Cheran with love all this while, has now turned against him. Both Losliya and Kavin, who wants to get rid of Cheran, have nominated him for the elimination.

So is Losliya the mastermind behind the mess created by Kavin?

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