Kavin and Losliya were the most talked about couple in the Bigg Boss S3 show, and the Kavliya Army were waiting for good news after the end of the reality show.

However, their fans got disappointed when Losliya and Kavin avoided each other and focused on their own careers.

During one of the episodes, Losliya's family entered the house and she received a stern warning from her dad, whom she met after 10 years. Her family disapproved of her relationship with Kavin, and some even created an army for her dad.

But now rumours are making rounds that her family has agreed for the couple's wedding, with the condition that they 'lay low' for a year. This rumour started when Losliya's close friend posted on social media that the couple has not broken up, but just avoiding each other as per her family's request.

Despite the ongoing rumour, Losliya, Kavin or their family members have yet to give any comments. Guess we have to wait to find out if the rumours are true, or not.

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