The recent episode of Bigg Boss S3 became the talk of the town when Losliya's family - dad, mom, and sisters - entered the house.

While everyone was eagerly waiting for Losliya's reunion with her dad whom she met after 10 years, her dad seemed rather unhappy to meet his daughter, who was involved in a love relationship with her fellow contestant Kavin.

Contrary to Mugen's happy reunion with his mother, Losliya's reunion turned the other way round when her parents showed disappointment towards her behaviour in the show.

It was her dad who advised her accordingly and asked her to win the game. Following his entry into the house, support has started pouring in for her dad on social media.

Losliya who started the game strongly at the beginning and gained lots of supporters started losing interest in the game upon directing her interest towards Kavin.

Some netizens have pointed out that if Losliya listened to her dad and focused on the game, she might stand a chance to reach the finale.

But as for now, Losliya's dad has gotten himself a group of followers who call themselves #LosliyaFatherArmy. This is the first time in the history of Bigg Boss Tamil that a contestant's family has gotten an Army!

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Image credit: Vijay TV