It's going to be an emotional episode for Bigg Boss Losliya! As the recent promos show her reuniting with her Cherappa (Cheran) and her real father who has been away for 10 years.

Check out the promos here:

Losliya's real father has been residing in Canada for a decade while her family stayed back in Sri Lanka. As she sees her father walks through the entrance, she can't contain her tears and embraces him.

However, he didn't seem happy. Something was bothering him and we are expecting to see a father-daughter confrontation in this episode.

Many netizens are guessing it has got to do with Kavin. Previously, Cheran was constantly reminding Losliya to concentrate on the game and not to pursue a close relationship with Kavin until she leaves the house.

But, Losliya was not ready to listen to his advice and with every passing day, they were only getting closer. They had each others' back and hung out together most of the time. Even in recent episodes, Kavin was indirectly persuading Losliya to decide on their relationship before leaving the house.

Cheran who was listening to their conversation from inside the secret was annoyed with Kavin's behaviour with Losliya. Now, we get to see what the real father thinks about their close relationship.

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