The recent episode of the Bigg Boss S3 has caused controversies when the newly elected captain of the week Madhumitha is suspected of cheating during her task.

Madhumitha, Tharshan, and Sherin who were selected as the best performers of last week went head to head in a battle. The three contestants were blindfolded for the task, and Madhu was the first one to complete the te task ask and win.

However, netizens got enraged after realising that Madhu might have cheated, as she didn't have trouble finding the accurate colour of the alphabets, and she even ran directly towards the board to fix it without having any trouble.

Now the netizens are angry towards Madhu who talks about being truthful in the show but cheated during her task. Here's what the viewers started posting on their social media handle:

Do you think it's fair to allow Madhu to be the captain and give her immunity for the upcoming week?

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Image credit: Vijay TV