Sanam Shetty is a model and the title winner of Miss South India 2016 who's currently participating in Bigg Boss Tamil S4.

Even though the actress cum model only entered the show now, she became famous during the previous season of Bigg Boss show where her then-fiancee Tharshan took part. The couple, however, broke up after the show.

Meera Mithun is also a contestant who entered the reality show in the last season, who have some bitter relationship with Sanam Shetty.

The Miss South India 2016 title was originally given to Meera Mithun, however, the title was later revoked and given to Sanam instead.

Now Meera Mithun has posted several chat messages on her social media about Sanam's ex-lover Ajay who committed suicide after their break up.

In the message it can be seen that Meera was asked to expose the issue, but some of the claims were baseless accusations.

This is what the actress posted: