Bigg Boss S3 is on-going at the moment, and the show has been having lots of unexpected twists and turns.

Vanitha Vijayakumar, who had been voted out, re-entered the house as a guest. And now it's been announced that she has entered as the next wildcard entry.

As viewers got frustrated with this new development and the re-entry of an unpopular contestant, a more likeable contestant, Abhirami, was voted out of the show, bringing the Abhirami-Mugen Rao one-sided love saga to an end.

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But in another unexpected revelation, Mugen spoke about his one-sided love with a Malaysian girl who goes by the name of Nadiah.

In the most recent episode, Mugen revealed he proposed to Nadiah before joining Bigg Boss S3 and would be getting his answer once he returns home after the show. It is rumoured the Nadiah he refers to is a fellow Malaysian artist who worked with him in the movie 'Ghora'.

But Mugen's mother and atheh ponnu (aunt's daughter) stated otherwise during a recent interview.

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Previously, his alleged love interest Nadiah was part of Mugen's 'Pogiren' reaction video. During the first part of the song where the couple breaks up, Nadiah reacted saying it looked like their real-life story. Check out the video here:

So is this one-sided? Guess we have to wait and find out once Mugen is back from the show.

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Photo Credit: VijayTV