Bigg Boss S3 is a popular television reality show which is followed by thousands of people around the world. And this is the first time a Malaysian was allowed to be a part of the show.

Malaysia's popular singer Mugen Rao joined Bigg Boss and is still going strong in the show after 71 days. While there's only less than a month for the show to end, a caller questioned Mugen's intention of joining the show, and if he will continue to stay in India or if he'll be back to his homeland.

Mugen then revealed his dream to stay in India and explore his opportunities in Kollywood, rather than returning to Malaysia. It's quite rare for Malaysians to get opportunities to be a part of Kollywood and Mugen seems to be quite excited about it.

Mugen's dad, however, got a different perception on this issue:

"Mugen is Malaysia's mannin mainthan. He will come back to Malaysia no matter what," says Mugen's dad. Check out his interview here:

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