Bigg Boss S3 just saw the most unexpected twist when actor Saravanan was evicted suddenly without any prior warning.

The contestant who recently spoke about harassing women on the bus during his college days apologized later when several celebrities and viewers showed their concern over the issue.


Thus, to maintain their social responsibility, Vijay TV took a big step to evict the contestant out of the show to ensure such actions are not encouraged.

At the same time, the attention turned on Mugen, who lost his temper and broke the bed frame in the house due to the drama created by Abhirami.

Mugen who was loved by everyone in the house has not been nominated all the while. However, he might end up in the nomination soon due to his actions.

In regards to this, Mugen's 'atteh ponnu' (aunt's daughter) Thurga revealed that Mugen is indeed hot-tempered and tend to break things when he's angry.

"Mugen used to be that way before. But now he's a changed man. He stopped behaving that way long time back, and I'm quite shocked to see him losing his cool again," said Thurga who was unhappy with Abhirami's action.

When asked about her relationship with the Bigg Boss contestant, she explained that they are not in a relationship, but they have spoken about their dreams and marriage.

"Our parents decided our marriage when we were still young, and even we spoke about it later on. We have decided to achieve our dreams first before taking the next step," she added.

However, Thurga expressed her shock over Mugen's comment about Nadiah.

"I'm aware that Mugen and Nadiah are close. But she has personally told me that she sees him as a brother. I'm quite shocked that Mugen told her name in the show instead of my name. He needs to explain this to me," she revealed.

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Image credit: Insta thurga_sathiavelu