Malaysia's pride Mugen Rao is going strong in the Bigg Boss S3 competition, where the singer is considered to be among the most genuine contestants of them all.

Eliminated contestants such as Sakshi Agarwal and Kasthuri Sankar commented that Mugen is the only contestant who's not pretending in front of the camera, but being himself at all times.

In a recent interview, Mugen's brother admits the same.

"Mugen gets that angry at home as well, where he punches the wall sometimes. So he's being entirely himself in the show," he reveals.

When questioned regarding Mugen's involvement in gangsterism, his brother revealed that Mugen was never a gangster, but just a disobedient student who fought all the time.

"Mugen and I are rivals. We fight a lot for no reason, but we always protect each other. People just misunderstood when he mentioned 'gangster'. He was not a gangster, but he always fought with his fellow students quite frequently," he added.

Mugen's father reveals the same in his interview, where he mentioned Mugen used to fight in school and that can't be considered as involved in gangsterism.

Mugen's brother further revealed how the singer is afraid of dark and paranormal entities. He reveals the funny moments when Mugen was so afraid, that he left his brother alone and ran off. Check out their hilarious stories here:

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