Bigg Boss S3 is a reality show which requires the participants to stay in a villa for 100 days with no access to smartphones and social media, or anyone out of the house except for the show host Kamal Haasan.

This is the first time foreigners were allowed to participate in the show and popular singer Mugen Rao is the first and only Malaysian to ever take part in Bigg Boss Tamil.

Mugen who went through a troubled past shared how his parents used to fight all the time and the suffering he went through during his childhood in one of the episodes.

"My wife and I got separated a long time ago. But I always treated my children well. I was always there for them and I'm not a bad father," explained Mugen's father.

When asked about Mugen's involvement in gangsterism during his younger days, his dad says:

"Mugen was never a gangster, he was just a disobedient kid during his school days. He used to fight and will end up in Police Station all the time, and I will talk to the Police officer and bring him out of the mess," says his dad.

News was making round that both Mugen and Thurga's family fixed their alliance when they were still kids, and was planning to get them married when they grow up. But Mugen's dad denied this by claiming it's nothing but rumours.

"We never had such a discussion with Thurga's family. Mugen has the rights to decide who he wants to get married to."

Check out Mr. Prakash Rao's exclusive interview here:

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Photo Credit: Vijay TV