Bigg Boss Abhirami was a changed person when she re-entered the house with two other eliminated contestants, Sakshi and Mohan Vaithya. She remained low-profile and made it clear that she was there only to create wonderful memories, not to play games or take revenge.

After leaving the house, she has been hanging out with Mugen's mother, sister and his close friend Irfan Zaini from Malaysia. She was also spotted with Sherin's mother. Check out her posts here:

Met this beautiful proud mom... such a pillar support.... ? love ya amma wanna see you smiling always ?

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Janany janany... our setta girl ??

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We are crazy yassssss ??

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Nalla Nanbargal nammai vanduservargal ....

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Seeing that the mothers are in Chennai, netizens guessed that it's the week of 'Freeze Task'. In every season of Bigg Boss, families of the housemates will be brought in during the task to boost their spirit.

Usually, Bigg Boss will instruct the housemates to freeze and randomly send in two to three close family members. But, here's the catch. The housemates should not move until Bigg Boss says so. Here's the latest promo showing Mugen's mother and sister in the house:

Usually, the week of 'Freeze Task' will be touching and emotional with the housemates meeting their families after a long time. Every single fight and argument in the show will be forgotten during this week. Housemates will warmly welcome everyone's families and be in their best behaviour.

Wonder why they can't be like this for the entire season... So, are you excited for the 'Freeze task'?