It was quite a tense week in the Bigg Boss S3 house, with eliminated contestant Vanitha Vijayakumar returning to the show.

Many unexpected incidents took place, and the contestants are now divided into two groups; the boy's group together with a girl, and the girl's group with a man.

And this time, the limelight was on Malaysian contestant Mugen Rao after his dispute with Abhirami.
Abhirami, who proposed her love to Mugen throughout the show, has now ended up blaming Mugen for spoiling her name and portraying her in a bad light.

Previously, Mugen punched and broke a bedframe during an argument with Abhirami, which caused host Kamal Haasan to advise Abhirami to stay away from Mugen and give him some space.

But this time, Mugen went to the extent of carrying a chair during their heated argument. Even though hitting her with the chair wasn’t his intention, his actions clearly crossed a line.

Now, it's elimination time again in the house. But despite his actions, Mugen seems to be getting a good response from the public.

Unofficial voting shows Mugen, Kavin, and Losliya will be safe this week, while Madhu and Abhirami are in the bottom with fewer votes.

Rumours are circulating that Abhirami will be leaving the Bigg Boss house this week, as her actions in the house look fake most of the time.

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Image credit: Vijay TV