Bigg Boss 3 had some of the most shocking confrontations in the last few weeks. Mugen-Abhirami episode turned ugly when Mugen broke the bed during an argument with her.

It came as a surprise that Mugen didn't get punished or warned for damaging the Bigg Boss house property by Kamal Hassan in that week's weekend episodes. Soon, the attention went on to other issues in the house after Vanitha came in.

However, Bigg Boss 2 contestant Danny recently revealed in an interview that the agreement he signed stated whoever damages the property in the house will be fined a sum of Rs 50,000 (RM 2,900) to Rs. 50 lakhs (RM 290,000).

This means Mugen will eventually be fined for breaking the bed if the terms in the contract remained in Bigg Boss 3. There's a possibility that Mugen might lose some of his salary due to his short moment of anger in the show.

Take a look at Danny's interview here revealing important terms and conditions of the Bigg Boss contract:

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Photo Credit: Vijay TV