TV actress Pavani Reddy is one of the trending contestants of Bigg Boss Tamil S5, airing on Vijay TV. It's been less than a week since the reality show commenced, and the contestants are sharing their individual life struggles with everyone as part of the luxury budget task.

During her turn, Pavani spoke about the tragedy of her first marriage. She fell in love and married a Telugu serial actor Pradeep while co-starring in a serial.

However, Pradeep committed suicide in 2017 after an argument with Pavani. She was shocked and heartbroken by her husband's sudden death. The actress took a break from TV and only returned when offered a role in the famous Chinna Thambi serial, which made her a known face among the TV audience.

In 2019, it was rumored that the actress got married to a producer named Anand Joy. But, Pavani Reddy has maintained that she's single in the Bigg Boss house, causing confusion among the audience.

It was alleged that Pavani has admitted to marrying Anand Joy in an interview, and even has posted their pictures together on Instagram (which have been deleted since). On the other hand, Anand Joy wished Pavani on his Instagram account before she entered the Bigg Boss house. He still has many of the pictures on his account. Take a look:

A post shared by ❤️️Anand Joy (@anandjoy)

A post shared by ❤️️Anand Joy (@anandjoy)

A post shared by ❤️️Anand Joy (@anandjoy)

When one of the netizens questioned Anand if they are divorced, he simply replied 'we are not married also'. Another netizen asked why Pavani is not talking about Anand in the show and here's what he commented: 'She is talking about herself. Which is more important for her future.'

Take a look at his comments here:

Anand's responses have put a stop to the ongoing speculations about Pavani Reddy's marital status. While they might still be in a relationship (Anand didn't delete any of their romantic photos together from his social media), it's clear that the alleged couple is not married.

Source: Anand Joy's Instagram