It's a nerve-wracking moment for Bigg Boss Tamil fans as the remaining contestants - Priyanka, Amir, Niroop, Pavni, Thamarai, Ciby and Raju are offered an irresistible amount of cash to leave the show halfway.

In the previous episode, actor Sarathkumar entered the Bigg Boss house with an offer of Rs3 lakh and left the suitcase for the contestants to decide. However, none of the contestants took the cash and remained in the game.

Now the latest promo of Bigg Boss reveals that the show makers are increasing the offer by Rs2 lakh everytime the contestants refused to leave the show with the money. Later, the offer was increased to Rs5 lakh and now contestants are given Rs7 lakh to reconsider their decision to stay.

While some of the contestants are tempted with the money, the show's first finalist Amir can be seen checking out the cash in the suitcase. Will he opt for the cash instead? Check out the promo here: