Bigg Boss S1 star Raiza Wilson hit the headlines in April this year when she posted pictures of her swollen face and explained about her alleged awful experience with Dr. Bhairavi.

The model and actress claimed that she wanted to do a facial but was forced by the doctor to try an unnecessary procedure which ended up badly. She also sought for a compensation from the clinic.

Following Raiza's accusations, Dr. Bhairavi held a press meet to reveal her side of the story and clarify the allegations. The doctor defended herself by claiming that it was the third time the actress had visited the dermatologist and this time, she wanted to get dermal fillers and not just a facial.

Dr. Bhairavi further claimed that she informed Raiza that the swelling and redness will reduce in several days, and asked her not to smoke, drink alcohol, or take blood thinner medicines for a few days after the procedure.

In the press meet, the doctor revealed that she has filed a defamation case against Raiza for Rs. 1 crore and a public apology.

It's been nearly a month since the incident and Raiza has revealed her face on social media recently. There was no signs of swelling and redness. Her face has gone back to normal as assured by Dr. Bhairavi.

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Netizens are wondering if Raiza will apologise to the doctor.

Source: Indiaglitz
Photo Credit: India TV