Bigg Boss Ramya Pandian has had a huge fan following, even before entering the reality show. But, a few weeks into the show, she captured everyone's hearts in the in the 'Eviction-Free Pass' round.
She managed to crack Suresh Chakravarthy's strategy and denied him the opportunity to grab the 'Eviction-Free Pass' and willingly gave it to the 21-year-old Aajeedh.
Her diplomacy and rationality probably puts her as one of the toughest contestants on the show at the moment.
However, recently the actress and TV personality has been losing her fans. Netizens are noticing how Ramya is supporting any contestant who goes against Aari.
In the court task, Samyuktha made deragotary remarks about Aari to Ramya, to which the latter never said anything.
But when Samyuktha accused Aari of demaning her motherhood, Ramya came in support of Samyuktha. This has made her fans feel dissatisfied with her inconsistency and personal attack towards Aari.

Source: Indiaglitz
Photo Credit: Thandora Times, Indiaglitz & Inian Express