Bigg Boss S4 took an emotional turn last week with the Freeze Task. Contestants reunited with their loved ones for a brief moment before getting into the competitive 'Ticket to Finale' week.

In the final task of the week, Ramya Pandian and Shivani are the last-standing contestants who wouldn give up. Viewers witnessed Ramya crying, which is a rare occurrence if not the firs time.

Seeing her undeterred spirit and determination, Ramya's brother shared an emotional post on his social media. Take a look:

A post shared by Parasu Pandian (@parasu_pandian)

She's truly a tough contestant and has captured the hearts of many with her sharp comebacks. In a recent promo, Kamal revealed that there will be one elimination this weekend before the finals.

Let's wait and watch who's leaving the house this time.

Source: Instagram
Photo Credit: Vijay TV