Reshma Pasupuleti, a stewardess and a TV host, got eliminated last week from the Bigg Boss reality show after receiving the lowest votes among the viewers.

During her discussion with Kamal Haasan, Reshma revealed that she wanted to create awareness of domestic violence and would want others to know her life story.

"I was true the entire time I was at the house. I promised to myself that I will be as truthful as possible and hence why I revealed my life story in the first place," she said.

In a recent interview, she revealed that she was super excited to meet 'humans' once she was out of the Bigg Boss house, and the place was nothing but a luxury zoo.

When asked about the shocking eviction of Saravanan from the show, Reshma expressed her disbelief.

"I will always stand up against domestic violence and sexual harassment towards women. But it didn't cross my mind when Saravanan spoke about his college days. We thought it was a normal statement, and only realised its severity once I'm out of the house," says Reshma.

She further revealed more about the other contestants and explained that it was Kavin's fault to have given false hope to Sakshi.

"Kavin is a 'kathal mannan'. At first, he said it's just for content. But later things started getting serious with Sakshi. Hence why I supported her instead of him. Even Mahat just flirted with one girl, but Kavin did it with four," she added.

As for Mugen, Reshma added that he already confessed about his anger issues earlier and that she has adviced him to keep maintain his cool.

Here's what Reshma has to say about Mugen and the other contestants of the show:

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