Reshma Pasupuleti is a TV personality cum actress who became famous after taking part in Bigg Boss S3.

Recently, the failed marriage of serial actors Jeyasree and her husband Isvar went public, with the couple accusing each other of having extramarital affairs.

While Jayasree claims to have evidence of Isvar and Mahaletchumy's affair, Isvar, on the other hand, claimed Jayasree is having a liaison with Mahaletchumy's ex-husband Anil.

But Reshma has now come out in support of Jayasree, pointing to a recent Deepavali event as proof Jayasree was not in a relationship with Anil.

"I arranged a Deepavali gathering in my house and invited both Isvar's family and Mahaletchumy's family. Jayasree and Anil turned up for the party separately. Just because they were attending a party together, pictures of it can't be used to show that they are having an affair," says Reshma.

According to Reshma, Jayasree was calling Anil as 'brother' the entire time.

"I've known about this issue earlier and I've tried to talk about it to Isvar. However, he made his intention clear and I'm very sure the relationship he shared with Mahaletchumy is not mere friendship," she added.

She further claimed Jayasree wanted to sort things out and stay with her husband. However, Isvar is not interested in continuing his relationship with Mahaletchumy.

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