The highly anticipated "Indian 2" just can't seem to get completed. It has been facing one delay after another.

After the completion of its first schedule in February, it was put on the shelf because Kamal Haasan was busy with the Lok Sabha elections. It was widely reported that the filming would begin in June, but so far, there's been no activity.

It was recently rumoured that Kamal Haasan's character undergoes a physical change and he is required to lose weight. Except, he is currently hosting the highly popular reality show, "Bigg Boss 3", which will be ending in three months time.

Until that ends, he won't be putting his attention into losing the weight and joining the shoot again. That is bad news for Kajal Aggarwal, who was supposed to work with the team in June.

There were reports earlier that Lyca Production had backed out of the project due the budget issues. After Rajinikanth's "2.0" failed to be the box office hit everyone was hoping for, the production house is now being cautious about recovering its investment from "Indian 2".

Director Shankar had to go into damage control and trim down the budget by making a lot of changes to the script. That managed to pacify the production house.

In a recent interview, Kamal revealed that it was Shankar's call whether to include his political ideologies in the film or not. The actor hinted that "Indian 2" might just be the last film in his acting career.

He said, "I'm doing one film now. But my mind has turned towards people now. The director has to decide if it has political ideologies or not."

When asked if he would balance politics and acting, he mused, "If people unite and ask me to serve them, I will have to say no to cinema. I will have to say sorry to millions of fans. But, I will have to serve more than a million people. I'm already late to the field. So, I've to do things fast, and cannot balance between cinema and politics".

Article Source: IB Times
Photo Credit: The Hindu & Indiaglitz