Bigg Boss S4 is entering its final week soon and the contestants have been competing in a series of tasks to win the 'Ticket to Finale'.

Based on yesterday's episode, Somashekar was leading in the score sheet with a total of 39 points. Balaji was distraught at the thought that he won't be able to fill in the gap between him and Somashekar to secure a place in the finals.

The episode ended with Shivani and Ramya being the last-standing contestants in the final task. However, netizens have already started congratulating Somashekar for bagging the 'Ticket to Finale'.

Rio Raj is in the second place with 2 points lesser but he gave up earlier than Somashekar in the final task.There hasn't been any confirmation or promos to verify this rumour, but judging from his marks, there are high possibilities for Somashekar to win.

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Source: Twitter
Photo Credit: Vijay TV