Bigg Boss S4 successfully ended with Aari as its title winner and Balaji and Rio Raj as the 1st and 2nd Runner-ups respectively. The success party gathered all the current and many former Bigg Boss contestants and they seemed to be getting along pretty well.

Many pictures and videos of the success party started trending but the ones that caught our eyes were these photos posted by one of the crew members of the show:

A post shared by Rajkumar (@rajkumar._._)

A post shared by Rajkumar (@rajkumar._._)

He's believed to be the Bigg Boss S4 promo editor who often became the subject of memes and online discussions. Bigg Boss promos are usualy very intense and dramatic to hype up the expectations of the viewers. However, the episode will turn out to be not as interesting as expected.

Netizens and many meme creators were wondering about the identity of the promo editor and now it has been revealed.

Do you think the promos of Bigg Boss S4 were misleading? Let us know in the comments...

Source: Instagram
Photo Credit: Indiaglitz & Vijay TV