Vijay TV's Bigg Boss S4 had its own twists and turns. 'Groupism' seems to be the popular term used by the contestants this time around.

This week, contestants were given a new task where they were divided into two groups and required to catch balls that come through the pipes. In this task, Somashekar, Gabby, Rio and Ramya performed well by catching a lot of balls.

However, when it was time to rank the contestants, Somashekar, Ramya and Rio grabbed the first five places while Gabby was pushed to the final place. The trio came up with many excuses to justify their decision.

Netizens are furious with the way Gabby was treated in the task and 'Unfair for Gabby' tweets are trending on Twitter. Many of them argue that Gabby played better than Shivani and Aajeedh. They are hoping that Kamal will bring this topic in the weekend show to highlight the injustice done to Gabby during this task.

Source: Behindwoods
Photo Credit: Times of India, Filmibeat & Indiaglitz