There are only 3 days to go for the finale of Bigg Boss S3, hosted by Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan.

Out of all 17 contestants, Mugen, Losliya, Sandy, and Sherin have made it to the finale.

This week, the former contestants are re-visiting the Bigg Boss house once again and as usual, Vanitha Vijayakumar has started creating problems in the house as soon as she enters.

Vanitha was targetting Sherin and accused her of being the reason for Tharshan's eviction. However, Kasthuri and Sakshi stood by Sherin during her difficult time and supported her till the end.

Sakshi who've been creating a negative image all the while after being romantically involved with Kavin now has started getting praise for her action of supporting Sherin.

Now perception on Sakshi has changed and here's what netizens started posting about her after the recent episode:

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