Anyone who followed the Bigg Boss S4 would have watched the big fight between Samyuktha and Aari.

It got so intense that Kamal Haasan had to intervene and settle the issue between them. But, Samyuktha wasn't really happy about how Kamal spoke in favour of Aari.

Even after the show, netizens are suspecting that Samyuktha is not happy with Aari. Recently, it was believed that she took a dig at Aari on her Instagram.

She shared photos of Balaji and Aari with her at a recent award show. In her post, Samyuktha mentioned the very people who ridicule Balaji will celebrate him if he believes in himself.

Netizens are wondering if she's referring to Aari's comments about Balaji on the show as 'ridicule'.

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Source: Instagram
Photo Credit: News Bricks & Galatta Tamil