Bigg Boss S4 has made many of its contestants famous after the show. Particularly, the title winner actor Aari, actress Sanam Shetty and body builder Balaji garnered widespread recognition and a huge fan following.

Aari will be celebrating his 35th birthday on February 12th and fans are eager to change their profile picture to his birthday Common Default Picture (DP).

Same Shetty, who was a close acquaintance and friend for Aari during and after the show, released the pre-borthday Common DP in conjunction with Aari's birthday.

She was honouring the requests of his fans and mentioned that it's double the celebration since Aari's daughter Riya is also celebrating her birthday on February 5, when she released the Common DP.

Our advanced happy birthday to Aari!

Source: Instagram
Photo Credit: Chennai Memes & Behindwoods