Model-actress Sanam Shetty and TV host Archana participated in Bigg Boss S4 last year. Throughout the show, both the stars got into heated arguments due to different reasons.

Recently, Archana was embroiled in a controversy after posting a 'Bathroom Tour' video on her official YouTube channel 'Wow Life'. While it was just another one of her videos taking the viewers on a tour in her house, it surprisingly started trending and went on to garner 2.5 million views at the time.

This didn't go well among some YouTubers who claim that celebrities started crowding the platform after the lockdown which affects content creators who depend solely on their earnings from YouTube.

Some of the YouTubers started trolling Archana and her daughter using abusive language. Unable to withstand such online abuse any longer, Archana took the step of sending copyrights strikes to those who defamed her.

Sanam Shetty recently took to her Twitter to troll Archana for posting the bathroom tour video. Here's what she said:
Quick peek in Youtube and my mind voice:
There's 1008 problems in this country, please keep your bathroom problems in your homes.

Source: Sanam Shetty Twitter
Photo Credit: Cinema Express, Wow Life & Indiaglitz