Bigg Boss S3 is reaching its finale, where there are just weeks for the show to end.

The 'ticket to finale' tasks are going on this week and the most deserving contestant will win a place in the finale.

While the show was focusing on Losliya and Kavin's relationship the entire time, now the tide has changed when Sherin's behaviour with Sandy came to the limelight.

Sandy is one of the most adored contestants who have maintained a limit with all the female contestants, as he is married and the father of an adorable toddler.

In one of the scenes, Sherin was seen sitting on Sandy's lap while talking to him and her behaviour has enraged the netizens who find it very inappropriate.

Some even pointed out that Losliya would have received terrible criticism if she has behaved that way in the show.

This is what Sandy's wife posted on her social media account following the latest episode of Bigg Boss S3:

❤️❤️❤️ Moments to be Cherished for a Lifetime !! Much love and Support to the families of all the Contestants!! Bcouz they r the ones who actually need to go through all the negativity ?❣️

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Image credit: IndiaGlitz