Sherin Shringar is a Bigg Boss S3 contestants, who have acted in many South Indian movies to date.

In one of the episodes, Sherin revealed to the viewers that she grew up with her single mother and has not seen her father.

Now after months, her aunt has finally revealed the heartbreaking story behind her parent's separation, and how Sherin's mother sacrificed her life for her loving daughter.

"Everyone was expecting for a baby boy when Sherin's mom was pregnant. But Sherin's dad and his family got frustrated when they discovered it was a girl."

"He tortured Sherin's mother and threatened to remarry someone else, and that's when Sherin's mom decided to live for her daughter. Sherin was only three years old when her mother left her dad and came to us," revealed the aunt.

Since then, Sherin's dad has never come back to look for his family; He has missed such an angel in his life!

Listen to the complete story here:

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Image credit: IndiaGlitz