It's undeniable that love was one of the central themes on the Bigg Boss show in the previous seasons. This time around, Balaji and Shivani were close and inseparable like a couple.

Shivani was eliminated first and she got hurt after discovering some of the things Balaji said about her on the show. When she re-entered, Shivani avoided Balaji and the whole incident created a rift between them.

Even after the show, Balaji and Shivani didn't talk about their relationship status nor they appear to be as close as before. However, the duo was spotted at the Bigg Boss S4 impromptu reunions at movie screenings or celebrations.

In a recent interaction with her fans, Shivani revealed that Balaji is her good friend and posted a picture of her with him 'photobombing' at the back. Balaji's response to her statement was hilarious. Take a look:

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Source: Instagram
Photo Credit: Indiaglitz