In the latest episode of Bigg Boss, actress Shivani Narayanan got evicted after getting the lowest votes in the nomination.

Shivani who was so close to being one of the finalists revealed to Kamal that she was not expecting leave and was looking forward to being in the finale.

The actress also got one of the best exits from the show where the contestants gave her a standing ovation and sang Singapenne song, and Bala even said that she deserved to be in the finale for her effort in the final rope task.

While some netizens agree that her effort should be applauded, some disagree and pointed out that Sanam and Anitha who were giving their best since day one, and spoke their heart out are the real singeppenns of this season.

Meanwhile, some stressed that Shivani doesn't deserve such hype after giving effort in just one task out of her 98 days stay.

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Kamal, however, appreciated Shivani for her respectful nature towards others during her entire Bigg Boss journey, even when she got scolded by her mom.

Who is the real singapenne of this season? Share your opinion.