The ardent Bigg Boss fans around the world got so thrilled once the official confirmation of the current season was made by Vijay TV.

Even though the season started well, later it just turned into a disappointment after popular TV host Archana entered the show as a wildcard entrant on the 10th day of the show.

Archana formed a group within the house and managed to get things done her way as her group has outnumbered the rest, pushing some of the individual players into the nomination every single week.

Things didn't change despite Kamal's warning, but the latest double-eviction in the show has put Archana in a vulnerable position now.

After Nisha and Ramesh's exit, the contestants have started playing their own game and joining this list is Som who was outshined by the group all the while.

Fans are now thrilled after watching Bigg Boss's third promo. Watch the clip here: