Suchitra is a singer and radio jockey who became embroiled with the #SuchiLeaks controversy a few years ago.
In order to revive her career, she became the second wildcard contestant of Bigg Boss S4. While she didn't get along with the other housemates, the singer was pretty close to Balaji. Even after her eviction, she continued to support him via social media.

In a recent Instagram story, Suchi posted an interesting poll question for her followers. In her own words, Suchi asked her followers 'a reflective opinion because she might go back in' (Bigg Boss S4).

"Is Balaji bending the rules in tasks to 'protect' Shivani," she asked. At least 73% responded 'YES'.

It's not uncommon for eliminated contestants to re-enter the house to show their support to the finalists in the previous seasons. Perhaps, that's what Suchi meant by going back in. Let's just wait and watch!

Source: JFW
Photo Credit: Indiaglitz