Suchitra was a successful RJ and a singer whose career took a plunge following the #SuchiLeaks controversy involving famous stars of Kollywood.
This year, Suchitra became a participant of Bigg Boss S4 in an attempt to kick-start her career but was eliminated three weeks later. During her short stay in the Bigg Boss house, Suchitra didn't get along with many of the contestants except Balaji.

After her exit, Suchi continued to support Balaji. However, in a recent interview, after witnessing the outrageous fight between Aari and Balaji, she admitted that Aari is fearless.

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She even shared the video on her Instagram story and wrote that she stands by her statement and Aari knows no fear. Does this mean that Suchitra is no longer supporting Balaji's actions in the show?

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Source: Instagram
Photo Credit: Research Table, Galatta & The News Crunch