Suresh Chakravarthy is a Bigg Boss S4 contestant who was eliminated from the reality show despite his popularity among the viewers.

Suresh is fondly called as 'Thatha' and is deemed as one of the toughest contestants in the show because of his knowledge and experience.
Following his eviction, the actor revealed that VJ Archana is manipulating everyone and dominating the game. Allegations of 'groupism' are also being plastered on the anchor as the conflicts in the Bigg Boss house intensify.

However, this time Suresh Thatha didn't speak about the happenings in the house, instead he posted a meme. Take a look:

A post shared by Suresh Chakravarthi (@suresh.chakravarthy)

In the initial days of the show, Suresh Thatha's style of lying on the sofa became his signature. But now, it seems like Archana is also following his suit. The post is now trending on Instagram.

Source: Behindwoods
Photo Credit: The Wiki Feed & UptoBrain