Bigg Boss Tharshan attained fame and widespread attention because of the reality show last year.

During his time in the Bigg Boss house, Tharshan admitted that a girl was waiting for him outside the show and refused the advances of his fellow contestant Sherin.

Model and actress Sanam Shetty turned out to be his girlfriend, however she broke up with Tharshan even before he was eliminated from the house citing the online abuse as the reason.

Following the end of Bigg Boss, the duo were seen cordial with each other after a few posting selfies together. Now, months after the show, Sanam Shetty has dropped the bomb that she was engaged to Tharshan even before his entry to Bigg Boss.

But, the Bigg Boss star requested Sanam to keep quiet about their relationship and engagement since it can potentially ruin his chances of garnering female fans in the show.

In her press meet, Sanam revealed that she lodged a police complaint on Tharshan for promising to marry her and not keeping up with his end of the deal after the end of the show.

"We got engaged on 12 May 2019 and while the wedding preparations were on going, Tharshan got into Bigg Boss. In fact, I sent the application for him to join the show," Sanam opened up.

Sanam has has proof of their engagement and wants Tharshan to accept that she assisted him in his career growth and cheated her with the promise of marriage.

According to the model, Tharshan has been spreading rumours that Sanam is having affairs with her co-stars. She further reveals shocking details about their relationship and how Tharshan has been treating her since his exit from the show.

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